Power management systems for homes

The purpose of the project: To develop an automatic power management system

Status: Under development


Stages of development

1. Development of circuit device unit

This logic controls the automatic power circuit located in Appendix A.


2. Working out of control protocol

In order to be able to control this device via Wi-fi it was developed by its application protocol osnovannny on the protocol TCP transport level.

Then he will be changed on the main FSM protocol.

This protocol provides:

  1. On / Off switch;
  2. Adjusting the brightness chandelier control unit;
  3. Setting the timer;
  4. Setting the time ..

3. Selection of equipment

3.1 Selecting the wireless network module

To send commands to the computer was chosen Wi-fi module ESP8266, working through the UART.

The advantages of the selected module:

– Low cost;

– Simple communication protocol that makes it possible to use less powerful and, consequently, less expensive microcontroller.

In future versions it will be replaced.

3.2 Selecting the power circuit
3.2.1 Selection of circuit power microcontroller and wireless modules
To power the microcontroller and wireless module were chosen transformer power supply unit 1A at 7.5 V and the regulator AMS11173.3 800mA 3.3 V with protection against overheating and short circuit. That ensures stable operation.
3.3 Relay selection

For load control with a current up to 10A 220V relay with 8-channel optocouplers been selected .


– Low cost;

– Optocouplers . What prevents damage to equipment and electrical shock .

3.4 Choosing a microcontroller

STM32F103C8T6 microcontroller was chosen for the transmission of commands from the computer.

This module was chosen because it has :

– Low cost;

– Supports UART;

– Has a sufficient number of GPIO ports;

It has an open collector mode. This mode is used to control a relay.

In future versions it will be replaced with the STM8 to reduce the cost.

3.5 Selection of short-circuit protection

8 Automata 10A of the relay have been established to increase security. 1 machine at 6A for power supplies. And 1 machine at 16A for connecting more powerful load.

3.6 Choice of protection against leakage.

To prevent electric shock, it was set Differ Automatic 16A of EKF.


4 Development chandelier control unit.

The concept was developed


In foreign MOS3021 optocouplers and triacs VT136-600 designed for maximum voltage up to 600 V was used as the element base

The main technical characteristics of the device:

– Number of control channels: 4 pc.
– Maximum power per channel: 1200 W

– Dimensions, 600x230x200 mm

– Weight – 1 kg


5. Development of microcontroller firmware

Firmware has been developed for the microcontroller STM32F103C8T6

performs the following functions:
  • relay control
  • chandelier management
  • Switching on UART

Прошивка будет переделана под микроконтроллер STM8.

6. Development Management Program

Firmware has been developed for the personal computer to perform the following functions:

  • Relay control through the MCU;
  • Management chandelier through the microcontroller;
  • Switching on Wi-Fi.